Who Would Win In A Battle?Dr Fate (Khalid Nassour) or Zatanna? | Fandom (2023)


Who Would Win In A Battle?Dr Fate (Khalid Nassour) or Zatanna? | Fandom (2)

(Video) Zatanna’s Proposal to Doctor Fate | Young Justice | Max

Dr Fate is for more powerful than Zatana. He'd win for sure.

It depends on Dr fates incarnation if it was Kent Nelson then zattana is going to eat a universal cosmic blast

Who Would Win In A Battle?Dr Fate (Khalid Nassour) or Zatanna? | Fandom (4)

(Video) Klarion And Doctor Fate Fights With Child of Chaos | Young Justice Season 4 Episode 13

If the incarnation of Dr fate had no affinity for the mistic arts or little he will be weak

Used thrice, but not once spelled correctly.

Zatanna. Zatanna Zatara.

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Also it's zatanna

Who Would Win In A Battle?Dr Fate (Khalid Nassour) or Zatanna? | Fandom (7)

(Video) Dr. Fate - All Powers from Black Adam

That whole "affinity" thing makes me think your primary exposure to Doctor Fate is through Young Justice. Don't use that as a reference. It is often not accurate to the characters. Look to the mainstream incarnations. Unless specified otherwise, those are the variations we use here.

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Let's spell it wrong once again.


(Video) Batman Destroys Doctor Fate Scene 4K ULTRA HD

What do you think?


Who is stronger Zatanna or Dr. Fate? ›

Dr Fate is for more powerful than Zatana. He'd win for sure.

Could Dr. Fate defeat Sabbac? ›

He had foreseen Hawkman dying in battle, but ultimately he altered that destiny and took the blow. "Dr. Fate turned that into a future where he died instead, sacrificed himself so Hawkman could live," Collet-Serra says. "He potentially could have beaten Sabbac.

Who can defeat Doctor Fate? ›

Darkseid: Darkseid is a powerful alien despot who is one of the most formidable villains in the DC Comics universe. He has been able to defeat Dr. Fate on several occasions by using his formidable physical powers and access to advanced technology.

How powerful is Nabu Dr. Fate? ›

Powers and Abilities

Magic: At the height of his power, Nabu is a potent Lord of Order with near incalculable power, is considered one of the most powerful beings on Earth, and claimed to be the most powerful of all the Lords of Order. He is capable of battling the likes of the Spectre and Mordru.

Who can beat Zatanna in DC? ›

DC: 5 Marvel Heroes Zatanna Could Defeat (& 5 She'd Lose To)
  • 3 Lose: Silver Surfer.
  • 4 Defeat: Hulk. ...
  • 5 Lose: Thor. ...
  • 6 Defeat: Brother Voodoo. ...
  • 7 Lose: Scarlet Witch. ...
  • 8 Defeat: Captain Marvel. ...
  • 9 Lose: Doctor Strange. ...
  • 10 Defeat: Magik. The first contestant to face-off against Zatanna will be the young and cunning Illyana Rasputin. ...
Mar 30, 2020

Is Zatanna the most powerful witch? ›

An expert magician with knowledge of an immeasurable number of spells, Zatanna is considered one of the most powerful magicians in the DC Universe; as a member of the homo magi race, she possess both the genetic ability to use magic and has mastery over both mystical and cosmic forces considered to be as old as the ...

Who is Dr. Fate biggest enemy? ›

Wotan is a mystical supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman, first appearing in More Fun Comics #55 (1940). The character often serves as the archenemy of Doctor Fate.

Can Dr. Fate beat Loki? ›

Loki is no slouch in the magic department, but Dr. Fate would be able to take him out. The Helmet of Nabu grants Dr. Fate with all the power of the Lord Of Order the helmet is named after and all of the knowledge of spellcraft that immortal being possesses.

Can Batman defeat Dr. Fate? ›

Doctor Fate, hands down. Even 'prep time' can't help Batman. Doctor fate wins and very easily at that.

Who is the strongest variant of Dr. Fate? ›

Hector is stated to potentially be the most powerful incarnations of all incarnations of Doctor Fate before him.

Who is the strongest Dr. Fate version? ›

Doc Fate, the adventurer hero from Earth-20 and the leader of S.O.S., is the best version of Doctor Fate in the entire DC Multiverse. Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, with amazing magical abilities he uses to protect the world.

Can Iron Man beat Dr. Fate? ›

Given his mastery of the magical arts, it would make Doctor Fate a tough opponent for Iron Man, whose technology-based weaponry would be ineffective against his magical defenses. Moreover, with his vast mystical powers and abilities, Doctor Fate could quickly neutralize Tony Stark and take him down in battle.

Can Strange Supreme beat Dr. Fate? ›

However, Doctor Fate has his own magic cloak: the Cloak of Destiny, which has similar properties to Strange's cloak. While Doctor Strange is a powerful sorcerer, he simply doesn't have anything that can put down Doctor Fate.

Who controls Dr. Fate? ›

Fate was once again formed into the male Dr. Fate but under the control of Kent and Inza. During Zero Hour, Dr. Fate led the Justice Society on its last battle against Extant, a minion of Parallax.

Can Dr. Fate beat Superman? ›

While kryptonite is Superman's best-known weakness, the Man of Steel is also susceptible to magic and telepathy. Being the most powerful magic user in the DC Universe, as well as a telepath, Doctor Fate would have little trouble taking Superman down.

Who is powerful than Dr. Fate? ›

Doctor Fate VS Spectre

This fight was decided in the comics a few times, and technically, Spectre came out on top each time. Being the literal Wrath of God, Spectre is in the top five most powerful beings in the DC universe, and Doctor Fate actually stood his ground.

Who is stronger than Dr. Fate in Marvel? ›

Scarlet Witch is likely to win in a fight against Dr. Fate because her powers come with fewer limitations. It might be true that Dr. Fate is empowered by one of the strongest cosmic entities in the universe, but his capabilities are quite limited because he doesn't have Nabu's full power.

Can Zatanna beat dr strange? ›

While this battle seems like it would be decided over who could say their spell the fastest, Doctor Strange has repeatedly proven to be able to mentally break magical holds or spells that have kept him contained or immobile, whereas if Zatanna's unable to speak her powerful magic isn't able to help her out much, giving ...

Is Zatanna the most powerful Justice League? ›

Finally, Zatanna is the tenth strongest Justice League member and is an invaluable ally. She has a vast knowledge of sorcery and magical spells, which she can utilize to great effect.


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