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Trinsey vs Pagliaro - The fastest way to attack a traffic or other criminal matters; kill jurisdiction issues early. Many cases the summons is only presumed to be valid and is not sworn to under oath. And their attorney will enter totally hearsay statements NOT under oath. The key to winning is finding their defects.


How to stop a summons or the other attorney using Trin's Lee versus pag the arrow now one way to stop hearsay evidence from being submitted by an opposing party's, summons or attorney, is to be aware of the significance of the trends Lee versus pag the arrow case.

It can affect many things and it can probably get you a win if you're paying close attention to what the other guy is doing, believe it or not, they're, not all geniuses, and they do make mistakes, and if you can catch them on the simplest of mistakes, you can win your case, especially if they're coming after you for some sort of criminal matter.

That's really what this is about.

That'd be a ticket or any other form of criminal matter.

So when we look at trizzie versus pag, the aro Trinity versus pegged arrow, it's plain to see that the courts relies solely on the affidavit sworn by the process.


Who serves the court documents to the summons us to the court now without it that being valid? There is no case there is no jurisdiction established guys if you just focus on how to break the link of jurisdiction throughout your case.

That will be the key to winning now whether they you can stop them from bringing you in personally or whether you can break them down on their procedures.

You need to use all those forms of ammunition to break down the fact that they have no jurisdiction, and then you can motion for dismissal.

Remember the maximum that an unrooted affidavit becomes the judgment in law.

That's the whole trick, they're playing on you.

So if we don't rebut the affidavit of the process, server.

Well, then really having a judgment awarded against us before we even get started.

So the first major step when we get summons, is to respond right away to the summons or subpoena that the process server brought to appear and swear to the truth on his affidavit.

Then, if you weren't served properly, then you can order the case dismissed so definition of a summons is an instrument used to commence a civil action or special proceeding and it's a means of acquiring jurisdiction over a party.

Now, if you only learned one thing in law to focus on how not to let the other party acquire jurisdiction over you, which, by the way, is a voluntary act? Well, then you can learn how to avoid many of the kinds of cases that are brought against you.

It's all a trick to get you to volunteer and walk in same with the subpoena.

It looks like a command to appear at a certain time to give testimony, but upon a certain matter, but again it's got to be valid, so on May 28 1964 John is transy or jr.

versus Frank pug, the arrow and the Alpert Foreman Esquire.

The defendants motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim, unsupported by affidavits or depositions, is incomplete because it requests the court to consider facts outside the record, which has not been presented in the form required by the rules: 12 B, 6, +, 56, C and the statement you want to sort of memorize.

If you get anything out of this, video is statements of counsel in their briefs or arguments while enlightening to the court, are not sufficient for purposes of granting a motion to dismiss or summary judgment.

In other words, they can't get a summary judgment against you if their briefs are not sufficient and almost everything you should know that comes into the court.

These days is hearsay, there's typically not even a witness, with an affidavit attached swearing that they were harmed by you and if they weren't the rules of common law prevail.

If you bring it up, if you walk right in and continue like it's the real deal and it abides you and it obligates you to do something.

Well, then, you therefore agreed okay, so you gotta be careful.

This is how you avoid volunteering, and this transy versa pact.

The aro concept is very important to get so.

Let's look at the summons, get the summons.

If the pocket, for example, the the party delivering the summons, will not come in and testify that they could verify.

It was in fact you they delivered it -.

That could be a flaw see if you learn how to identify, as you could win cases and, frankly, in most cases they can't, even by the fact that you know this is why we avoid tease people to avoid giving their name at the door.

Ask questions instead, because until they get the name, they can't deliver it to you.

Even then they can't positively identify you.

So if the case proceeds and that party isn't actually there and swearing under testimony that they delivered proper service, you can win the case.

Just on that one issue alone forget what they went with their attorney says.

Their attorney is going to tell you all kinds of things: they're trained to lie.

You have to see firsthand witness, have them come up and testify to that? They typically do not and that's a big flaw that you can go for.

Additionally, the attorney goes on and starts saying all kinds of things.

Well he did this and he did that and he basically they testify.

If you learn how to object every to almost everything that that attorney is saying your chances of winning are much better.

If you do happen to lose the fact that you put all those objections in based upon those points will be the only points you can bring up in an appeal so later.

If you have to appeal something- and you lose the case, but you got to appeal, though every objection is the key point at which you can bring up in the appeal.

You can't bring up other information or new information.

You can only bring up your objections and how the court ruled against you and shouldn't have that's how you win an appeal, so you're always setting up your appeal as you go through a case by objecting to everything, particularly as it relates to hearsay.

Information like the summons, the summons was hearsay.

The driver's license that they might bring out is hearsay.

There's nobody the way to evidence that that's you, you see how this works, so you don't just buy into everything they present you as being factual.

Everything needs to be sworn to whether it's a mortgage tax bill driver's license whatever they're using, is some form of evidence.

It's hearsay.

You have to object to it.

It's unsupported by affidavits, which means it's incomplete and if it's incomplete it's insufficient for giving a is, basically it can't be used for the purposes of granting a motion to dismiss or a summary judgment.

In fact, your motion to dismiss should be there lacking that affidavit and proper deposition, so the how you protect your rights is to protect them early and often, and it's all about the flaws and their procedures, and this is one of the easiest way to win a case or an appeal later.

As long as you objected to things, so that's just my tip of the day get more information at you.

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What happens if a person does not appear when summoned? ›

This is another reason why it's important to go to court when you are summoned. If you don't go to court and you don't show up for the summons, the Judge is going to issue a bench warrant for you. If there's a bench warrant issued for you, you'll get arrested when you're picked up on that warrant.

How do you write a response to the court? ›

Your response should cover every paragraph in the complaint and whether you admit or deny each point raised. If you can't remember whether part of the complaint is correct, it may be safer to deny it and avoid relying on your memory. For each point that you admit or deny, include a brief reason why.

How do I respond to a civil summons in Florida? ›

To respond, you should draft and file an Answer to the Summons and Complaint. In your Answer document, it's best to respond to each claim against you and assert your affirmative defenses. SoloSuit can help you draft and file an Answer to your Florida lawsuit in minutes.

How do I respond to a summons in California? ›

If you decide to file a response, you must file it in the same courthouse where the lawsuit was filed. The address should be on the papers you were served by the plaintiff. Make sure you take your original plus at least 2 copies to the clerk's office to file. You will have to pay a filing fee to file your papers.

What is the reason for summons? ›

Every summons should provide its purpose i.e. either it issued for settlement of issue or for final decision of the suit. The summons must stating intended date fixed by the court for appearance and such date should not be unreasonable to the defendant for appearance and answer to the suit.

What happens if you don't rise in court? ›

Generally, it depends on the judge, he may completely ignore it, or if he finds someone in criminal contempt of court, he may sentence the person to up to six months on the spot, or if he finds someone in civil contempt of court, he may lock the person up until that person agrees to stand.

What is the best thing to say in court? ›

Give positive, definite answers when at all possible. Avoid saying, “I think”, “I believe”, or “In my opinion” if you can answer positively. If you do know, then say so. You can be positive about important things which you would naturally remember.

What is a motion to quash a summons? ›

A defendant may serve and file a motion to quash service of summons on grounds of lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendant on or before the last day to plead in response to the complaint (i.e., generally 30 days after service of the summons and complaint).

How should I answer questions in court? ›

Give positive, definite answers when at all possible.

Just answer the questions to the best of your memory without exaggerations. If asked about little details which a person naturally would not remember, it is best just to say so if you don't remember.

How do I answer a summons without a lawyer in Florida? ›

Answering the lawsuit can be as simple as drafting a document and writing 'admit' or 'deny' or “without knowledge” in correlation to each numbered paragraph in the summons. Your answer to the lawsuit must address every allegation individually.

How do I dismiss a civil case in Florida? ›

In general, a motion to dismiss filing must:
  1. Be made in writing unless made during a hearing or trial.
  2. Have a caption containing the court name, case number, style, and designation of the person or institution filing it.
  3. Specify the grounds on which it's based.
  4. Set forth the relief or order sought.
Sep 17, 2021

What does it mean when someone serves you? ›

What does it mean to “be served”? Being served usually means that you've been served notice of some legal proceedings against you. It is when someone hands you a piece of paper notifying you that you are being sued for something and may need to respond by filing paperwork with a court of law to defend yourself.

Can you refuse to be served papers? ›

Can Someone Refuse to Be Served Papers? No, in California a person cannot refuse to accept service. If we can identify a person on whom legal service can be made either personally or by sub-service and they refuse to “accept” the documents, we can absolutely still serve them.

How do I file a response to a summons in Florida? ›

The original answer is filed with the Clerk of the Court where the lawsuit was filed. Look at the top of the summons to see in which court the lawsuit was filed. Once your original is filed, the court will keep you advised of all hearings so that you can continue with your defense.

How do you respond to a request for entry of default? ›

If you never knew you were being sued, and motion for default judgment is filed against you, you should respond with a Motion to Vacate Judgment, also known as a Motion to Set Aside Judgment.

What is the statute of failure to appear in NC? ›

§ 15A-276. Failure to appear.

Any person who fails without adequate excuse to obey an order to appear served upon him pursuant to this Article may be held in contempt of the court which issued the order.

Is failure to appear a misdemeanor in Texas? ›

A conviction for Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear is punished as a Class A Misdemeanor, with a maximum possible fine under Texas state law of up to $4,000 and jail time of up to one year, unless it falls into one of the two categories described in the next two paragraphs.

How much is the fine for failure to appear in Georgia? ›

§ 40-13-63 provides a legal penalty for the “willful failure of any person to appear following the written promise contained on the citation and complaint and served upon such person.” This penalty may result in a fine not to exceed $200 or a period of confinement in jail not to exceed three (3) days.

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