Mom & Kids Vacation!! Swimming and Harry Potter World! Navey wakes up early and morning routine (2023)


i found a reeeally great surprise for jenny!!


Best Vacation Day Ever 1254

Today starts super early when Baby Navey decides to wake up Jenny and Adley at 5:30 in the morning. A very early start to their vacation morning routine! Soon Niko Bear is awake and Jenny has to figure out where to get breakfast for everyone, cause it's so early the restaurant isn’t open. They decide to go on a scavenger hunt to find food before deciding to head back to the park to ride rides.

First stop is Harry Potter World! Jenny and Adley try to ride Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Adley still isn’t quite tall enough so Jenny goes solo on this ride and she can’t wait till the kiddos can ride it for the first time because it's her favorite ride ever. They then head to Jurassic Park where they are going to meet a real life Raptor. Niko Bear is so excited because he loves dinosaurs. He is speechless when he finally sees the velociraptor and can’t wait to get a picture with it.

You might be wondering what I’m up to in Dubai. Well, we were having such a best day ever, that I forgot to film. So back in Florida, Jenny and Adley see a baby turtle just chilling on the side of the dock. She loves all baby animals so she was super into it. Jenny and Adley go and get their wands while Niko and Baby Navey play with some friends at a playground with slides, a bounce house, and tons of fun. While Jenny and Adley are practicing magic, the dragon in the middle of Harry Potter World starts shooting fire. It was super cool!! Adley and Niko decide that very last thing they want to do before coming home was to get their faces painted. Adley gets a spaceship while niko bear is a little pirate and gets a shark!

The vlog doesn't have much of an ending, so Brandon and I came up with a plan to show some short little videos we made for the crew of the Spacestation. Since you are a member of the crew, we wanted to share it with you. Enjoy a unique cereal prize and updates from the Spacestation!!

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- Hakuba mwaah! - Mmh thanks - Here's, a turtle! - Yes! - Ooh..! - Is, that, like the cutest thing, ever? - Wooo... - The funnest ride I have ever been on - Hi - What! - Wow!, - Are, you good? - Yeah Put, it on say thank you?.

- Ooh wow! Good, job!, (giggles), Ready?, Go!, - Here.

They go..! - She's, saying hi! It's, so cool girl, - Good morning, vlog! It's 5:30.

In the morning, - It is 3:30 in the morning Utah time, She's being crazy., - She just woke up.

Oddly by kissing her and grabbing.

- Could.

You like give one - Up, And cute go.

He's still asleep over here, because he should be -.

What you think of there.

Are we going back to sleep or are we going early to the park? - I think we're going early to the park.

- Yeah.

Oh, my goodness.

Maybe? Might you wake up sooner - But? She did sleep better tonight., Way, better., - Somebody woke up, - huh? - Where.

Did they go? You wanna go play?, - I think we should just go for a way to walk.

- A little walk in her jammies? - Yeah.

- Everyone, still sleep.

You're, trying to escape.

- Gotta get shoes and the stroller.

We're gonna go.

Wow! Good job.

Oh - Good, morning., - She's, so scared.

- Yes.

So woke up.

Good morning you girl.


Scaring me with the dinosaur.

- What - She really doesn't like it.

- We're going to his bed.

You woke everyone up.

Navey? - You woke everyone up: - Good morning, Niko.

- morning, - Gary., No, - She did not like that to Rex.

- No.

She doesn't like it.

What? Good job.

- The.

Tea is gonna, get trapped.


What guys?, - What? - The breakfast place, isn't even open.


That's how early it is.

- She hit it.

- She's worried about it.

We're gonna get these kids dressed., find some breakfast and then head over to the park.

What ride.

Do you wanna? Do today, Adler? - How.

Do one spike? - Niko, any you ride, requests today?, - We did transformers.

Last night.

Niko was barely tall, enough.


He said it was what was it Niko? - No - You were scared.

You said it was fun, but scary, huh?, Yeah.


Let's don't do that.


- Okay., - Yes - What.

Do you wanna do today? - I wanna.

Do the mermaid - That's in Disneyland. - Oh. - Ooh! - Hi, Naves, - I want do today. - The, big one. - The, big green one?, The, big rollercoaster, - I, don't think you're old enough for that one.

- Am, I, old enough?, - Heck no.

- Ooh.

The, pterodactyl one.

You, like that one? - Yeah.

But right now, - Now, you wanna! Do it right, now? - Yeah., - You have that whole bed to yourself mister - That's, because Niko is the wiggliest warm ever., - You're, also a wiggle worm, but I'm used to sleeping by you.

- Do.

You need big of a bed at home? - No. - Ok, Good, - Go.

Hello? We've got breakfast, we're on a boat.


Are we going? - We're, going back to ride the ride? - Oh yeah.

(music) - We're, headed to our first ride.

We're gonna do Hagrid's motorbike.

I am so excited.

We're gonna see if Adley's tall enough to ride it.

She's wearing Niko's, hat.

Huh? Cause that hopefully that makes us a little tall right.

- With, that., - You can't see - Actually the funnest ride I have ever been on.

I can't wait till Adley's a little bit taller to ride that she will love it.

- Look at the lizard He doesn't care Right there mom.

We can see better now: - Oh yeah Look at the castle, Ooh hoo hoo! Yay.

Yay you.

Why, your face? Good job.


We go back in?, Ready?, Go.

You stuck grab my good job, bud.

- Hi, you're, so lovely today., - To, you Adley Are, you good? - Yeah You gonna, take a picture? Whoa.

Good job., - Hey.

There's a water sign, - Is, it? Adley.

Where did you take us? Are? We gonna get wet? - Yeah.

- Hey come on in Adler? - Yeah - You are in trouble! - Why? -.


Look at me.

I'm, drenched, guys.

I, look like I peed, my pants.

Oh, my goodness.


The kids are going on this.

There, they goo..Hi! It was good.

I, think they are cute She's, saying hi, say: hi! We're, going nine and three quarters.


We're going swimming! - Good morning, yeey! - Where! Are you going? - Oops! good catch - You want to wipe your face? good job.


We go back.

In? Come on Naves - This is the deep end.

- Are you stuck? Grab my finger hoo! Good job bud.

Are you swimming? Good job.

There is a crocodile right behind you.

Don't touch it it's gonna eat you!.

Can you touch right? Here? - yeah - Oh, rescue mission for Nico! Good, swimming.

Kick, those legs.

- We got her, that feel good Naves?, Hey live, watch this trip.

Oh, I know this trip.

Ready? Set.

Go., - Can.

We see it again, mom? - Yes., Ready?, Set., Go.


You have any tricks for us? - Yes., - Let's, see it.

Ooh, you're silly., Daddy., Daddy., Go!, A, good job, miss.

Yes, my girls, ain't you, my girls? We need to get Niko in here.

We got you.

My girls! to go to the park and we something really cool - Baby turtle! - Yes!, - Mommy.

It's right, there.

- Ooh! - Is, that the thing ever? - Yeah, maybe - Get back.

It's gonna eat you!, No!, No! We're in line for green gods, and we found a green screen.

Hey Adler pretend like you're flying in the room.

It's happening.

Oh right, here., Over, here., Who?, You, gonna, silence the frogs.

Oh, the bird singing.


Yes buddy.

Good job.

That was awesome! Yes, good job!, Hey, you're, really good at matching.

Adler, good job.

Go under it.

Hurry., Ooh., You're, really good.

At magic! Should.

We go down the bad guy, alley? - Yeah - Okay.

I'm a little scared.


There is one here: .

Right?, Wimble - Leaving nocturn alley.

That was pretty creepy - Let's go get Niko and give him a sword.

- Yeah.

That's, a good idea.

- Mommy.

I wanna do a spell on you.

- A spell on me? Oh no.

- Come on.

We do over you.

- Okay.

Grab it.

Grab, it. - Daddy. - I'm, human again.


No, more changing me to a frog still on a quest to find Niko - It's, the donut place.

- The donut place.

They seriously.

Have the best donuts I've been dreaming about 'em ever since, huh? - Yeah. - You, gotta flashback to that pink giant.


Sorry., - It was bigger than Niko's face.

- It was seriously bigger than Niko's face.

- Wanna bite? It's yummy.

- Oh, it's like, oh, that's pretty good.


How me and Adler are holding hands.

We're holding hands.

Stick together, huh? - Take, what? Doing, something good.

I would have I'm, go on it.

- Okay.

A dog.

Just, like olive - Baby! - Hi, baby., Your, hair.

Look so curl.

What?, It's, raining.

You'll get underneath this? Niko.

We got you something.

- Open, it up.

It's, a dinosaur one.

- So rabbit, rabbit, rabbit., Hi.


You turn me into the frog? Oh we're human again.

Naves - You gang., - You dinosaur.

- We are getting wet over here.

So we're actually going to It's been such a fun day.

- See!, Saw! - You guys are barely moving! Which one.

Are you gonna choose? - I, don't know.

- Am gonna choose this.

- It is so cool girl.

Do you like it? - I, like it.

- So, cool, I, like it.

- Get, my face.

You'll get my face.

- Woo.

- I got it.

Good stuff.

- Hello., - Hey, so I'm, I'm done with the vlog, but it doesn't really have an ending.


You don't have anything else.

We could throw in? - No, I just.

That second day you buy were just focused on getting stuff.


I didn't really film.

I do have an idea that that would be cool.

- Oh, okay.

Let's do this.

You, know the, you know, the all crew message: I, just shared., - Yeah.

- That'd be cool to share that with the vlog.

Kind of give them a little behind the scenes.

look at.

You know.

What's going on at the space station, - Right - Yeah.

That's, a cool idea.

- Okay.

- You like that? Yeah.

I, like it a lot. - Okay.

Let's pop that up.

- All right.

- Okay.

Peace. - All, right., Bye - Pop, up., All, crew, message.


This is a message.

I just recently shared with the whole space station.


Just, an update on where we're at for the year.

And all crew is every single crew.


Everyone that works at the space station, whether it's on the a for Adler, stuff or Shoandura stuff for animation studio or makes the best days.



Everyone can read that message.

And, how many people? Hundred and 40.

- Yeah, I, think 140 now., - Let's, look really quick.

140 people work at the space station.

Now, that's nuts., This all started in our basement.

You guys have watched us since the beginning.

Now space station has 140 people.


That just makes me happy.

Here is a, a little message.

As I said to everyone, working at the space station, just kind of an update.


It's cool to share with you guys as well, and just have you guys be a part of what we're building.

So have the best ever enjoy Hey, y'all crew.

Welcome to another best week ever at the space, station.

I had a super good weekend and just thinking through all the kickoff meetings and we're at for the year and realizing that we're in a really good place and I haven't taken a minute to just like slow down and share with everyone how great we're all doing across the whole space station.

So grab bowl cereal.

And, that's what we're gonna do right! Now.

Looks, like my bull, has sticker pox.

Thanks kids.

Jenny's, a good mama to deal with all these kiddos.

Shout out to Jenny, cuz she's, just the most awesome mom.

I was so busy at all these kickoff meetings and everything.

She was just holding down the house, taking care of kiddos doing what she need to do knocked out.

A couple: Adler grand meals without me, Prize in my cereal.

Says to all crew.

Maybe we'll put that in the camera at like four o'clock and yeah, come back to come back all crew slack at four o'clock, we'll see.

What's on this SD card.

It says to all crew.


I just wanted to.

Let you guys know that we're doing really good and I'm just so grateful for all we have going across the space station.

And I want you guys to know that things feel really, really good.

Everyone's focused on their categories.

We're, going in animation studio, our influencer side, booming.

The videos are doing better than they've ever done.

And investments are cranking., Tim., Good, job., CPG boys are crushing it and just everything all across the board.

- Hi, taking the kids to school.

- Bye.

- See, ya. - Love, ya., - Do, you wanna, say hi to the space station.

Crew? - Hello?, All, crew., I, didn't know that was you, but hello.

Good morning.

Have, a good day.

- So yeah.

This is just a, a sincere thank you to everyone.

And, just letting you know that the whole space station's on course.

Nobody has what we have.

We're so lucky to be building this, and it really just depends on all you guys and us, and everyone just working together to make this year a super impactful year, which is definitely gonna, be it already has been and just a couple.


So thank you.


The best week ever come back at four o'clock, we'll see what our, our prize is and - Yeah Haukuba.

- Thanks.

- One, sec. - SD, card. - Cool., Woo., Nick, SD card.

Oh, thank you., - That's, the ultra one.

I'm, so curious.

What's on it.

- Let's, see what's in - All crew, message., Yeah, click, that. - Okay. - Okay., Yep., I, I, remembered this now.

This is just one of those good old fashioned Shahan.

Reading way too deep into a Disney movie's message: kind of scenarios.

I do this all crew.

It was meant for you.


This was supposed to be part of the kickoff best week ever on a serial box, that's created and oh, a surprise.


You guys see that there was pick that up? There was something in the, yeah, that a surprise.

Everyone., Okay., That's, cool., At, all crew, we'll open.

It, looks like we'll open it.


Let's plan on that.

You guys come back to all crew slack Friday at like four o'clock, let's say and I'm sure.

That's important.

We'll see what was inside there.


Back to this important movie, I'm gonna.

Take a bite, of, oh, I wrote on the spoon.

Shout out to Jenny for all you, do.

You, know: what? Between, the stickers and the Sharpie markers we we've ruined a lot of bulls, lately.

So, thanks babe.


You opening up Encanto watched this so many times and every single time I can't help, but think of the space station, our crew, what we're building and, and here's why.

So Encanto,! If you haven't seen the show it's this village and just a vibe, it's hidden, away., The kids are all singing.

They all got culture and smiles and there's this magic family that has a magic, candle.

And, it's just good stuff from there.

It's, your typical storyline.

There, things kind of go sideways and everything hits the fan.

Everyone continues to sing the storyline unfolds and then they learn from their experiences and they all live happily every after and you know, great show.


Of course, my Chandora spray always takes these Disney movies and applies them to the space station.

To my life.

And, this one just was screaming.

This is the space station.

And every time I've watched it all 30 times with my kiddos I can't help but realize this., And I just wanted to share this with you.


It's super important to me.


How that relates with the space station.

Is that we're very similar in that we're? A hidden magical gem tucked away in these snow dusted mountains of Utah.

And, we're all full culture and we're smiling.

We're growing fast.

And? We are a family of extraordinary people found together across this enormous community and digital footprint of just doing, good.

Our community depends on us.

They depend on us for their income.

They depend on us for wholesome entertainment.

There are people that depend on us to help make their dreams become a reality.


That's heavy., That's a,! That's a blessing.

That's, a cool experience to have, but it is heavy.

Our space station crew is just like the family in Encanto.

In that we're all working our hardest to feel worth that opportunity.


We want to use it to bless the lives of others, but in Encanto, that family starts to feel overwhelmed, and they just are too focused on doing good, almost drowning in their best intentions.

- Something's, wrong! - Wow, sorry, that that snuck out there.

What, - They continue to overwork the magics and blessings they've been given, and eventually they just get tired and all kind of crumbles, and the house starts to fall, apart., And, I know.

A lot of us at the space station can feel that way.

I feel that way, the pressure to perform the pressure to do good, to add space, station sauce, to everything.


If we let it chip away at us too much like we will start to crumble and get tired., And, and I don't want that.

And I felt that so the, the.

The key thing to remember that the Encanto family and all of us need to realize is that it's not the magic of the house or of the family.

Even that makes it come.


It's, the people.


They each have their magical, gifts.


That feels very similar to our space station.

Sauce and each of our skillsets.

And, you know, what we all bring to the table.

Everything makes it enjoyable and unique.

And yes.

The magic house is creating a fun energy, just like our space, station.

It's, all cool, but really what it comes down to and what we'll always come down to is the people, the space station and its brand and its opportunities.

These don't exist without you.


These were built by you guys, looking around the slack channel.

I know with confidence that everything we built and have right now would not be possible without a majority of the people here who have laid the groundwork over the past two years, three years, five years.

Some of us have been here seven years and what we accomplish in the future, the next three, five or seven years.

That won't be the same without the ideas and the sauce from every single person in the slack right now.

If, if you're new- and you were hired just in the past couple months or you're new this year, you are bringing the future to the spaces.

Your ideas and your energy.

And I, want you to know that, while all of us are focused on our own areas, I love the collaboration and just the synergy across the whole space.


I want you to know that you are the space station you're working within your categories, but you are the space station as a whole.


That's how we're gonna move forward.

And! That's the new space station system.

That just feels so right.

Anyway, the family in icon.

They all towards the end of the movie.

They all start hugging and celebrating and.

You know, pretend that's us.


We all have learned this lesson and we're gonna really focus on each other and enjoy our careers and go space.

Station, bleed, gold.

It's, not yellow, it's gold.

And, and for reals.

Nobody has who we have.

It's the people.

It's all crew.

Appreciate you guys! A ton.

I'll, see you back here.

Friday at four o'clock.

That's surprise., I, I! Think it's a good one.

Let's see what that is.

Friday four o'clock.

I'll meet you back here and yeah, sincerely, thank you.

You, like the person watching this you've done.

So much for the space station and I promise.

It will do so much for you.


Just keep building it.

- Is that a good cheer.

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