How Powerful Is Doctor Fate? (2023)


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Today on Variant, we look at another DC Sorcerer, Doctor Fate, to see just how powerful he really is!

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Tim (Producer)

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What's up my comic comrad since the amazing justice league dark apocalypse, war movie dropped, dc, mystics and sorcerers have stepped into the spotlight in a big way, and I am all about it.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago we posted a how powerful is john constantine episode and it was pretty freaking popular with you guys so today we're taking a look at arguably the strongest sorcerer in all of the dc universe.

Of course I'm talking about dr fate.

We also want to thank nordvpn for sponsoring today's episode and make sure you stick around for a great offer from them later on in the episode anyway, if you're new to the channel variants, how powerful episodes do not include a list of every powerful moment the character has had over the years.

Instead, we choose several prime examples of the character's power on display to drive home how crazy powerful they really are, and that is exactly what we're gonna do today with dr fate, because this dude is a beast.

So, let's begin, let's start with comparing him to the superhero to which all superheroes are compared to in terms of strength, which of course, is superman.

Dr fate once avoided a simultaneous attack from not only superman but also martian manhunter, who was arguably just as strong, if not stronger, in some ways than superman.

In this instance, these two titans of dc were being brainwashed by darkseid to attack dr fate, but as they started to charge fate, fate says forgive me for what I must do, my friends, but I am confident you will soon.

Thank me.

He then jumps out of the way, causing manhunter and superman to collide and then does a spell to break their mind.

Control this instance shows that dr fate has incredible speed being able to dodge superman and martian manhunter.

Dr fate has also knocked out an evil version of superman.

The comic even says only a wizard fist could hit superman with such telling effect, and fate says, while throwing a left hook.

I know magic is a weakness of his so I'll dish out a real big helping of it.

Fate was also able to get right back up after getting backhanded by superman again.

I said it a few weeks ago, but getting backhanded is just so disrespectful.

It's like the most insulting thing ever now.

This next one is where things start getting a little crazy like when dr fake conjured up, mystical chains to help superman, pull the earth's continents back together, because aliens legitimately because of aliens the continents on earth were converging on each other.

So dr fake conjured up magical chains that were so powerful, he was able to anchor them to said continents so that superman could pull the continents back where they needed to be, and the last superman instance I'll give.

You guys is when dr fate told superman that he could make him immune to the effects of magic.

That's right, the helm of naboo is so dang powerful.

He can get rid of vulnerabilities from the strongest beings in the universe, superman, obviously being one of them.

Moving on dr fate is so durable.

He was once thrown through infinite dimensions by the spectre and lived as always, I'm gonna be 100, honest with you guys.

I have no idea how the physics or mathematics of that work, but I do know that is impressive.

Either way.

Spectre literally says: farewell fate, as you hurdle helplessly through an infinity of dimensions.

To the end of unrecorded time, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that not just anyone could survive the effects that I would have on one's body and mind, but even more impressive than that is the time he survived the place where nothing was real and reality itself was nothingness.

If that sounds trippy you'd be right because sorcerers deal with all kinds of funky stuff and in this instance dr fate even says a place where strange, powerful, snake-like shapes can appear literally from nowhere to coil a grip tight enough to permit no human breasts a place where no human truth holds.

No physical law obtains think about that.

This is a place where nothing and anything can happen.

The rules of physics and reality do not apply yet.

Fate was not only to survive but escape.

Dr fate was also shown to be able to reassemble, broken green lantern constructs.

He even says when talking about alan scott's broken construct by reassembling its atoms.

I can reconstruct its original form, so this dude is so in tune with the magical forces.

He essentially can reconstruct someone's willpower as a green lantern's construct is the physical manifestation of said, lantern's willpower not to get too much in the weeds, but with his ability of matter manipulation he can reconstruct or deconstruct any physical object.

His telekinesis and telepathy is also some of the best in all of comic books.

So much so he doesn't need cerebral, like professor x does to find someone from across the world case in point.

He was able to find bruce wayne's consciousness a world away all on his own.

He could also do stuff like move planets with his mind.

You heard me right, move planets with his mind like when he moved one into the sun.

Don't worry, he had a good reason.

Fate could also do things like you know, bring the justice league to an entirely different universe at will and here's one which is super crazy.

The helmet of fate once outran, the big bang.

Again, I don't know the max speed of that, but I do know.

That's super impressive and here's a mind.

Def continuing talking about just the helmet itself, dr fate's helmet contains its own universe as told to us by the specter that is some men in black stuff right.

There, like we can't even comprehend, with our feeble brains, how something as small as a helmet, can contain an entire universe.

But does that mean that doctor fate is a universe himself, kinda sorta, maybe but probably not, but it doesn't stop there.

Fate's amulet of anubis also has a universe inside it, because why the hell not now some of you may be saying heirs having a universe in your helmet or amulet, is cool and all.

But how does that make you powerful, to which I say any dude who could shove an entire universe in a helmet or necklace is someone you do not want to mess with now? For those of you who don't know, the lords of order are higher beings of great mystical power that represent order in the dc universe, and when fate was fighting spectre, the embodiment of god's wrath.

Spectre told fate: I've destroyed all the lords of order and chaos you're the last surviving guardian of the ninth age of magic and like a boss, fate reveals and the most powerful, so powerful.

In fact, he was able to stalemate the multiversal spectre, who was amped up by all the magic in the multiverse.

In the end, dr fate finally lost the battle on purpose.

Mind you saying: without my death the current age will linger and the destruction you've begun will continue to build and feed upon itself.

Wild magic will continue to run free.

So it's clear.

The best course of action is to simply let you kill me.

This is borderline, a christ-like action in the sense that he sacrificed himself for the good of the universe and then resurrected, because this is comics and you know we cannot not have a doctor fate now.

You might think that's it, but you'd be wrong.

Next up, we have the time that dr fate stopped spector's curse and literally repaired hal jordan's soul after the specter turned him into stained glass and shattered him on the pavement below.

He then proceeds to say.

Is there anyone else? You would like to pin your hopes on, but out of nowhere, how jordan's shattered pieces start to levitate off the ground and ultimately bring hal jordan back to life, to which he says who do? I have to think, and dr fate shows up out of nowhere with the jsa saying my helmet just whispered, a small spell of reversal from the book of wise, allowing me to stop the spectre's curse before your soul was shattered beyond repair.

Again, dr fate is basically a god which definitely explains this last instance, when dr fate was able to tap into the springs of creation itself in order to destroy a ship of unspeakable evil fate, then proceeds to say I must tap into the wellsprings of creation itself, focus them through my person and annihilate this unspeakable evil.

The comic then says tremors reach into the farthest corners of earth, 1 and earth 2.

Because of this, this magician sorcerer god, whatever you want to call him tapped into the springs of creation itself, to destroy an unspeakable evil.

That's insane! I told you guys he's a beast.

There are many more demonstrations of his power that we didn't get into, but all in all these examples should give you a much better understanding of just how powerful dr fate is in the dc universe.

He should never be underestimated.

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That brings today's episode to a close.

But if you like, today's dr fake content be sure to check out our history of dr fate episode right here and if you like the channel, be sure to subscribe like our videos and comment.

All of that helps us out, but I'll see you guys next time.

When I talk about all things, comics.


How Powerful Is Doctor Fate? ›

Dr Fate is the second most powerful sorcerer in DC. He is believed to also be the most powerful member of the Justice League

Justice League
The Justice League is a team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The team first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28 (March 1960). › wiki › Justice_League
who can defeat beings as powerful as Martian Manhunter. Because of this he has achieved many outstanding feats like: Telepathically moves a planet.

How powerful is Dr. Fate? ›

Invulnerability: Dr. Fate could withstand military weapons and a explosion which could destroy a mansion. Telekinesis: when used in conjunction with his helmet, this ability was powerful enough to move a planet. Without it, Fate could be strong enough only to lift cars.

Which Doctor Fate is the strongest? ›

Altered by Nabu, Kent possesses a level of immortality, invulnerability, and telekinetic abilities on his own. In tandem with Nabu's artifacts, he gains potent spell-casting capabilities and magical powers, making him among the most powerful sorcerers of his time and the most powerful incarnation of Doctor Fate.

Is Doctor Fate stronger than Superman? ›

1 Doctor Fate's Magic Is Superman's Kryptonite

While kryptonite is Superman's best-known weakness, the Man of Steel is also susceptible to magic and telepathy. Being the most powerful magic user in the DC Universe, as well as a telepath, Doctor Fate would have little trouble taking Superman down.

Who is more powerful than Dr. Fate? ›

Scarlet Witch is likely to win in a fight against Dr. Fate because her powers come with fewer limitations. It might be true that Dr. Fate is empowered by one of the strongest cosmic entities in the universe, but his capabilities are quite limited because he doesn't have Nabu's full power.

Can Dr. Fate defeat Odin? ›

Fate or Odin comics? Dr. Fate because he is the most powerful Lord of Order. -In his full potential, he can defeat the Lord of Chaos.

Can Dr. Fate defeat Thanos? ›

1 Doctor Fate Is More Versatile Than Thanos

Thanos is powerful enough to challenge entire teams of heroes, his cosmic might allowing him to run through even the most powerful heroes with little fuss. However, Doctor Fate has the power to defeat Thanos rather handily.

Can Dr. Fate beat Loki? ›

Loki is no slouch in the magic department, but Dr. Fate would be able to take him out. The Helmet of Nabu grants Dr. Fate with all the power of the Lord Of Order the helmet is named after and all of the knowledge of spellcraft that immortal being possesses.

What is the weakness of Doctor Fate? ›

Dr. Fate's main weakness is that his physical form can be stressed and destroyed. It is also revealed that Dr. Fate was not meant to be either male or female, but both united as one, and that unless this is realized Dr.

Can any Marvel character beat Dr. Fate? ›

Fate is superlatively powerful, with few beings able to defeat him, regardless of who is wearing the Helmet. Marvel's heroes can be very formidable, but even the strongest will lose to Doctor Fate.

Who defeated Dr. Fate? ›

Welp, it was all great until Dr. Fate died in valiant battle at the end of "Black Adam." It was a noble demise at the hands of supervillain Sabbac that spared the Justice Society. "I forsake my life for the life of my colleagues," Brosnan says. True, but still a seemingly shocking superhero one-and-done.

Who is stronger Dr. Fate or Hulk? ›

Hulk was Physically stronger than Fate but couldn't really do anything against Fate because of his insane powers.

Can Supreme Strange beat Dr. Fate? ›

With his greater experience, magical prowess and combat feats, Doctor Fate should come out on top over Doctor Strange.

Who controls Dr. Fate? ›

Fate was once again formed into the male Dr. Fate but under the control of Kent and Inza. During Zero Hour, Dr. Fate led the Justice Society on its last battle against Extant, a minion of Parallax.

Who is Dr. Fate's equivalent to? ›

DC's Doctor Fate and Marvel's Doctor Strange are quite similar in many respects. Both hold similar places in the DC and Marvel universes, respectively. Doctor Strange has already made his debut in the MCU. He had parts in both, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Is Doctor Fate stronger than Goku? ›

4 If Goku can lose to Dr. Strange, then he will definitely lose to Doctor Fate who is even more powerful. All of Doctor Fate's power resides in his helmet, so Goku could try to destroy the helmet, but it is practically indestructible.

Is Dr. Fate The Strongest sorcerer? ›

Both are heroes within their respective universes, but Doctor Fate exhibits a much stronger moral compass and level of humanity that makes him a far more powerful wielder of magic, and the most supreme sorcerer in comics.

Is Doctor Fate stronger than Darkseid? ›

Doctor Fate had difficulty getting past a lackey of Darkseid. Considering Darkseid is a New God and his abilities are divine in nature and are closely tied to the Source. I don't believe Doctor Fate can defeat Darkseid who is an established threat to the Multiverse.

Is Dr. Fate more powerful than Shazam? ›

Fate will only win if he manages to neutralize Shazam, which is easier said than done. With access to the Rock of Eternity, Shazam can't be locked up easily, and he is hard to incapacitate. If Fate can produce magical lightning and change Shazam back into Billy Batson, this gets much easier.

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