How Do You Know It's Love? (1950) (2023)


Gives students a basis for thinking clearly about real love and shows that mere conviction of love is not enough to insure lasting happiness. A drama.

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I love you Nora, do you love me? Oh I, don't know Jan you're the only girl, I've dated in two months we get along fine.

You do love me, do I think so, but I have to think about it.

Hello, dear mama, have a nice time, I'll, say Jack's awfully handsome such a smooth, dancer mom.

How can I tell if I mean? How did you know when you were in love with dad? Oh I've been in love several times before I got so I couldn't recognize the symptoms several times mmm and each time I thought I'd found my prince charming.

Most people fall in love quite a few times in their lives.

Well, then, how can you tell when you're really in love? Well, I have to think about that? Let's say tomorrow: shall we I good night good night? Dear most people fall in love quite a few times.

The wonder is jack knows that I told you Bob I haven't dated any girl but Nora in two months.

We're really in love.

Oh and you were really in love with Betty and Mary and Alice I.

Don't know well and there will be others I.

Suppose, oh no, that's over with you no bomb, nor is the prettiest girl I've ever known she's, just as beautiful as beautiful, and you think that's all that matters Oh hurry up and get in bed.

Will you Bob? Did you feel this way when you found longji? Oh look, I felt that way, lots of times the trouble with you is.

You don't seem to understand what love is really about.

You, young punks, go to the movies.

A couple of times do a little necking and you think you're in love, I've never seen anything like it.

All I wanted to do is ask you, don't have to get sore about it.

Do you I'm, I'm, sorry jack, but but look at it.

This way you just haven't been around enough to know what love really is.

Believe me: it's nothing like the slush.

They give you in the movies.

Well, I, don't know mom! That's right! You don't know.

Maybe you would understand better say: I've got an idea.

How'd you like to double-date with Gina me tomorrow night, why sure Bob? That would be swell sure you wouldn't mind, but if you let me get some sleep now good night, good night, Oh Jack that sounds like loads of fun, see you tonight goodbye gifts.

What mother, Jack and I are going on a double date with Jack's brother Bob and his girlfriend they're engaged in so much in love, Gina, the most beautiful diamond.

Oh, that's, fine! There I've met Bob, I, think he's awfully nice I do too and speaking of love what you're not going to talk about that today.

Yes, we were I've, been thinking about your question and well suppose we look at these snapshots together, hmm snapshot mm-hmm.

What do they have to do with love? Oh I was just thinking that they might help you to understand how your capacity for love grows and develops just as you grow and develop here.

Look at this one Oh mother did you have to keep there? You know in a way you were in love.

Even then, every baby loves its parents for their care and protection.

Of course, some people expect that care and protection all their lives.

They never grow up, but it is the kind of love now I'll.

Compare that with this picture.

Oh that's! The boy used to live next door, my how he did love his teddy bear long.

That's right! That's a kind of love to possessiveness, a love for the things you own, some of it never get over being possessive.

When we're in love.

Do we you're beginning to understand now here's a snap that shows how we learn to return love by doing things for others? Well, what about love of our friends? Isn't that a stage of law? Yes, I, think it is here, look at this! Well, that's Betty and Ellen and Ann I took that picture with my first camera.

Oh I know there was a time when I wouldn't look at anyone, but my special friend I guess that was a stage of love.

Yes and boys go through a similar stage when they stick together in gangs and won't have anything to do with girls.

We soon change there.

Now, let's see! Oh, do you remember this picture, the captain of the football team that was 2 or 3 years ago? He never knew how much I loved him I guess he never knew I existed at all.

Well, we all go through crushes like that on teachers or sports stars or movie stars.

Then, after a while there, the stage that some people call puppy love when it's more I'd almost completely forgot, remember how important you seemed at the time I'll say, and it really was important as a part of learning.

How to love then be long.

I think I can tell puppy.

Oh look, there's a couple who met at camp last summer, I, certainly caught them.

Yes and that's another stage for the physical side of love dominance.

Sometimes this is mistaken for mature life, but there's a difference mature alone.

That's a new way of thinking about it.

How can you tell what love is mature? Well, mature love is more sinful.

Mature love has something of the other kind of love in it and something more it's tender, unselfish cooperative.

When I get serious about somebody, mom I want to have that kind of love.

That's a good idea dear, and if you aren't sure you can always ask yourself some questions.

Are we really interested in the same things? Do we feel at ease together? Are we proud of each other? Do we agree on the basic things such as religion, marriage, children, money and so on? Thanks mother I know, that'll help I hope so dear? Are we really interested in the same things? Do we feel it ease together? Are we proud of each other? Are we agreed on basic things, I wonder I'm going to watch Bob and Jeanne see if they have a mature love, starmon quite some time, I'm having a wonderful time, I've never been here before.

Oh we're, so glad you could come.

This is one of our favorite spots.

Yes, we sort of bonded together, you might say, and we come here quite often, oh, the real Chinese dishes are over here: Hey Wow, Oh Bob.

Look what came today, what oh the season tickets for our concert series and guess what you're going to have to sit through another concert by that young French pianist who didn't like you mean the same one.

We saw lassie, that's right! Maybe this year, you'll agree with me that he has real talent.

Well, maybe, but only these improved Oh Bob well at least we'll have fun debating.

Do Bob and Jean have a mature love? Are they interested in the same thing? I'll say they are? They seem to have so many things to talk about and do together, say Nora talking about music.

Have you heard the new recording of the Brahms Violin Concerto, no I, I, guess I, never really learned to appreciate classical music.

Our Jack and I interested in the same thing, I wonder another question: mom Ann: do we feel at ease with each other? You know, there's there's no telling what we all get it I'm wanting to take a chance.

If you are oh, that's the fun of it Bob.

What about some of this watercress salad? That's a fine idea! Bob and Jeanne certainly are at ease with each other.

But what about us? Well, I made up my mind.

I'm, going to have the leg of lamb.

Well, I thought it would be fun to try a Chinese dish.

That's all right! If you like that stuff me I'll, stick to the land! No oh, come on Nora take a chance with us on the lobster.

Cantonese oh I'd, like that, no I, don't always feel at ease with Jack he's so unpredictable.

I guess I am too.

We don't really know each other and mom talks about being proud of each other I wonder if I could ever be as proud of Jack as geniuses Bob, not right here and now maybe, but he does have his point when he gets out on that ball diamond anybody would be product but I, wonder if we'd ever agree on basic things.

Jack you know who I saw today.

I saw Bill Johnson in his wife.

You know: they've got a fine pair of little kid.

They dress them up like cowboy kids.

Are such fun? Don't you think so Nora? Well, oh here's a waiter without zoo children.

Oh we've never talked about things like that or religion, marriage or money.

Bob and Jean really understand each other.

They do have a mature life nor all right our talk at the dance in the garden.

You know why I guess, after seeing Bob and Jean well, I think that love real mature love is more than I'd, imagined, I, guess so: I'm, Bob and Jean.

It looks alright, but we're not ready for that kind of attachment early, but we can still have a lot of fun.

Can't we sure we can.

Would you like how about going rollerskating next Friday night, Oh Jack? That's a wonderful idea! It's the kind of fun I like good night about 8:15! Well, I'll, see you, then, thanks for the seat night good night.

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