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Providing effective support for children and young people’s emotional development starts with paying attention to their feelings and noticing how they manage them.

Many learning communities incorporate specific programs to teach social and emotional skills. These skills can also be taught and learned through everyday interactions.

Tune in to children and young people’s feelings and emotions

Some emotions are easily identified, while others are less obvious. Tuning into children and young people’s emotions involves looking at their body language, listening to what they are saying and how they are saying it, and observing their behaviour. This allows you to respond more effectively to children and young people’s needs and to offer more specific guidance to help them manage their emotions.

Help children and young people recognise and understand emotions

Talking to children and young people and teaching them about emotions helps them to become more aware of their own emotions as well as those of others. It also helps them to better manage their own emotions over time.

Set limits on inappropriate expression of emotions

Let children and young people know that it’s normal and OK to have a range of emotions and feelings. Teach language and skills for dealing with strong or difficult emotions, such as anger and frustration, in a positive way. It’s also important to set limits on aggressive, unsafe or inappropriate behaviours.

Be a role model

Showing children and young people different ways you understand and manage emotions helps them learn from your example. If you lose your temper, apologise and show how you might make amends.

Be You Professional Learning

Check out content on social and emotional learning (SEL) and teaching for resilience in the Learning Resiliencedomain.

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