Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate - Who Will Win? | MCU vs DCEU | BATTLE ARENA | Black Adam (2023)


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Magic is all around us, and I’m not talking about wizards. I’m talking about sorcerers. Dr. Strange is the most powerful sorcerer over in this universe, while Dr. Fate is the most powerful sorcerer in this universe - so of course we just gotta smash em into each other and see who would win in a fight! So lets analyze their strength and weaknesses, their powers and abilities, and most importantly - their magic - to figure out who would win in a fight.
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Um I didn't want to get copyright shark there, but you get my point.

Magic is all around us I'm, not talking about Wizards I'm talking about sorcerers you're, a wizard Harry Dr Strange is the most powerful sorcerer over in this universe.

Well, Dr Fate is the most powerful sorcerer in this universe, so let's analyze their strengths and weaknesses, their powers and abilities, most importantly, they're magic to figure out who'd win in a fight cue, the music.

What's up guys I'm Daniel, and this is danco.

We do fight breakdowns like this one every week, plus the occasional ranking video or things like that.

So if that seems interesting to you, we'll sit back and enjoy the video hit that like button, if you want to well hit the Subscribe button, while you're at it, also just a disclaimer right off the bat spoilers ahead for Black, Adam or Mama I've, come to bargain Dr.

Steven strange was a brilliant and insanely egotistical neurosurgeon, who prided himself on his perfect record, but this all changed when he was in a brutal car crash causing irreparable nerve damage to his hands, effectively ending his career as a surgeon.

He tried everything he could to get his life back, but when Western medicine failed him, he tried the more mystical route.

That's when the ancient one was able to open his eyes, introducing him to the World of Magic, where he became a master of the Mystic Arts calling himself Dr Strange.

He didn't get a cool superhero name, I'm Peter.

By the way Doctor Strange made up names, um I'm Spider-Man, then he became the master of the New York sanctum, an Earth's protector against all interdimensional threats, so being a master of the Mystic Arts Doctor Strange's greatest ability is really his knowledge and all the versatility that comes along with it.

It's all the mini mini spells.

He has memorized Doctor Strange is a literal genius with a photographic memory, which is what helped him earn his PhD and MD simultaneously.

Also it allowed him to perform some insanely Advanced spells after training for less than a year.

He managed to pick up and master.

Many of the orders spells faster than anybody else, so he was given access to the deeper sections.

The library usually only reserved her Master Level Sorcerers, exactly the point where he could pull off spells in the book of Cox deleostro from the ancient one's Private Collection.

It was said to have been too advanced for anybody, but the sorcerer's Supreme herself mordo said that strange had an inherent talent for the Mystic Arts.

The ancient one said that he was the best of us before he even started training, and then you gotta remember Dr Strange.

It spent essentially an infinite period of time trapped in that time, loop with dormammu, where all the while he acquired an even greater Mastery over his craft.

So with all that versatility and knowledge, what all can Dr Strange do well give him enough time, essentially anything to the point where he can wipe the minds of everyone on Earth or open up portals and Rifts to other dimensions.

The Ancient One did say that he was gonna become the best of us.

He can cast all sorts of spells of his Eldritch magic, basically a form of energy and light, and he can use it to create physical objects, forming magical weapons and shields Shields that can block attacks from dormammu and block attacks from Thanos and even survive a crash landing in alien spaceships on alien planets he's also always forming magical energy weapons.

Whips just happen to be his favorite, so those are his go-to, but it'll also create swords and axes, and even giant freaking Buzz saws.

He can open up portals wherever he wants even other dimensions.

So that's just perfect for a surprise at Spider-Man attack he can fire energy blasts and even turn around and absorb energy.

He can summon demons and monsters to help him in fights great little buddies to come help him.

They can create copies of himself, something that we'll definitely be talking about later, because that's something that Dr Fate loves to do he's got telekinesis, he's able to control things and throw them all around and conjure and transmute objects create fire open up, like portals to Hell travel across Dimensions so much.

He can separate his soul from his body allowing his body to just wander around in the astral plane.

He can do this to other people too, literally, throwing their soul out of their body.

He can also tap into mirror Dimension magic even have whole fights and warp reality inside the mirror, Dimension, where he has essentially complete and total control.

There really seems to be absolutely no limit to Dr.

Strange can do even raise the dead and control Spirits.

Now that musical fights it has cheesy and corny, as that might be seriously what can't this guy do? You brought you face to face with the master of the Mystic Arts kitten.

Nelson is one of the founding members of the Justice Society and when he puts on the mystical helmet of Fate, we can transform into the magical sorcerer Doctor Fate servant of the Lords of order after living in isolation for many years in the tower of Fate.

Looking for inner peace, fate received a vision of Black Adam, killing all of the Justice Society.

So fate rejoined the team to go and stop Black Adam determined to not let his vision of the future become a reality.

Using the helmet of Fate Kent Nelson is able to receive immense magical powers from Naboo, a lord of order and a being who's millions of years old.

He can now defend the world from magical threats as Dr Fate now he's been practicing magic for a hundred years.

So by this point he definitely knows what he's doing he can teleport in an instant traveling anywhere that he wants and can also project his astral form from his body, sending it to talk to Black Adam in China or freeing Black Adam from The Argus prison in Russia.

All while he's still in conduct, he can create massive and detailed Illusions fire out beams and bolts of magical energy and create energy constructs like when he was able to pierce through Black Adam and seriously hurt him.

He did the same thing with the Bop too Dr.

Fate is also able to create energy Shields and some seriously powerful ones at that they can block attacks from Black Adam, even block the big giant explosions that he creates when he gets a bit too angry, and these are almost passive.

Shields too Dr Fate created a shield that was powerful enough to hold back the other members of the JSA and keep that Shield up all while he was still fighting Sabbat and freeing Black Adam.

At the same time, Dr Fate also loves to duplicate and create clone copies of himself, who basically have all the same abilities but are just made out of like crystals.

These clones are powerful enough to hold back Black Adam and hold back sabach find Power Wheel.

So who wins here? Well, I think it's obvious that Dr Strange has more hacks and versatility.


Think that's obvious.

He's been in like four movies Dr Fate has been in one we've seen Dr Fate in like two fights.

It's obvious that we're just gonna be seeing more stuff from strange and in Universe, while Dr Strange is a genius who learned literally all that kamartaj had to teach him then spent a few lifetimes in the dark dimension, with dormammu practicing and training, all of it.

He was destined to be the best sorcerer out there and he lived up to it.

So that means that strange, just has so many things in his back pocket that it can pull out in the fight and all that versatility and knowledge does give him a leg up over Dr Fate, but even if Dr Fate just has his energy crosses and clone copies, even if that's all he has well, he could still win versatility.

Isn't everything, especially when Fate has the more powerful Magic Dr Fate has energy attacks? They were able to injure Black, Adam and Sabbat.

Two of the most powerful people in the dceu Black Adam is an equal to Superman, he's almost scaling directly compared to him and sabak and Black Adam are powerful enough to fight against each other, so they should scale to each other too, and fate is able to injure both of them with his energy constructs.

Dr Strange has never shown us this much power with his attacks.

He was never able to hurt Thanos that way he was never able to hurt Scarlet witch that way and if he gets pierced with the Constructor too well I think that's probably a one shot if it has a Black Adam screaming out.

It's gotta do the same to Doc, strange right, so yeah, even if Dr Strange has shown us more versatile, Magic fate still has magic here.

That can let him win.

That's for sure, then I think that her fate is physically, more impressive, which might not sound like it plays too big of a deal in a magic fight.

But it's actually kinda important here.

Yeah fate is stronger, he's tougher and he's faster.

Now, their Shields are about the same, but Our Fate can block lightning from Black, Adam and giant explosions.

What other strange can block power, Stone, Blast from Thanos and what I might seem way more impressive to block power, Stone blast these? Aren't your typical old Planet, destroying our Stone blast.

No, these are Power Stone blasts that Iron Man can block that Star-Lord and nebula can take and survive still impressive, but not really any more impressive than black Adam's lightning.

The kicker here is that under strange can actually be knocked out.

If you're able to hit his body, Dr Fate took an attack from Black Adam without a shield.

It was smashed into a building and wasn't knocked out.

Fate is tougher: Dr Fate is also faster.

Now yeah strange is fast enough to block some attacks and Dodge around others, but Dr Fate is fast enough to keep up a Black, Adam and Dodge and block his lightning.

That's way more impressive than anything.

Strange has ever blocked or dodged.

Lastly, fate is stronger.

I mean he's strong enough to send his clone copies in there and restrained Black Adam and hold back sabok and yeah.

Sure strange did the same thing created a hundred copies of himself and held back Thanos, but sending in like six copies of yourself and holding back Black Adam versus a hundred copies of yourself, holding back Thanos yeah, holding back Black Adam with just a few is way more impressive, and while strange just did this once, this is actually just a go-to tactic for Dr Fate.


Why does that matter? Well, because casting spells with other strange usually involves a lot of hand waving and moving around, and so he can be taken out.

Be able to hold him back.

Ebony ma did that I was able to beat him Spider-Man.

Did it too and was able to beat him and if it's a common tactic for fate to create copies of himself and swarm enemies? Well, it's not gonna go too well for Doctor Strange he's gonna be restrained, he's gonna be held back, he's, not gonna wave his arms around and cast magic spells because their fate can hold back Black Adam.

He can hold back after strange, easy, then giant, construct down from the sky and the fight is all over strange entered into the MCU so strong and powerful.

He was able to hold off to our Mamu and use his brain in creativity to hold off a planetary, destroying threat.

He could fight on his own against Thanos, with four Infinity Stones four Infinity Stones.

He was building up to be a God among men, but that's just completely fallen off.

Since then his ebony Maul was able to beat up on him.

Spider-Man is able to beat him in the mirror.

Dimension just leave him trapped there and strange has a massive Home Advantage in the mirror.

Dimension Dr Strange was even having a tough fight against the street level monster garcanchius.

So he's definitely been kind of slipping as of late.

On top of that, while Dr Fate is probably right there on para, strange in terms of magic and everything fate, just fights in a way that has strange screw strange, has to move his arms around in order to cast spells and fight and fate go to tactic, he's descend in swarms of himself and hold his enemies down.

On top of that, you've got the energy constructs that can hurt Black, Adam and sabak yeah.

It's surprisingly, all over here didn't really see this one coming, but I think Dr Fate takes it.

Dr Fate wins, but what do y'all think sign off in the comments down below I know, you're gonna have thoughts and feelings on this one for sure, and if you stuck around this long and made it to the end of the video, that's amazing.

Thank you so much for watching and for supporting us and if you want to go subscribe, well, go subscribe.

You'll, get to see more videos like this one.

Every single week now see y'all next time.


Who will win Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange? ›

Both are heroes within their respective universes, but Doctor Fate exhibits a much stronger moral compass and level of humanity that makes him a far more powerful wielder of magic, and the most supreme sorcerer in comics.

Who would win in a fight Dr. Fate or Black Adam? ›

Black Adam might beat Kent Nelson, but Doctor Fate still prevails. At the end of the day, any battle between two super-characters depends on the writer, as well as the characters' respective levels of popularity.

Can Black Adam beat Doctor Strange? ›

Black Adam is just way too fast and he counters glass cannons like Doctor Strange. Black Adam wins.

Can Doctor Strange beat Adam Warlock? ›

Even though he can technically die, the fact that Death can't take his soul means that Adam Warlock is able to live on forever. Because of that, it would make it impossible for Dr. Strange to truly defeat him, which is certainly his greatest power.

Can Black Adam beat Scarlet Witch? ›

While Scarlet Witch can be beaten by certain Marvel Characters, she is far stronger than Black Adam in enough ways that she could take him down, as Scarlet Witch's magical abilities easily outclass Black Adam's own. Her powers are much stronger, and she has access to far more abilities than Black Adam.

Which Avenger can defeat Dr. Fate? ›

If we are talking about Dr. Fate here instead of Nabu, which is the incredibly powerful cosmic being that gives him powers, then Scarlet Witch should be able to defeat him in a fight. However, if we are talking about Nabu instead, then it is possible that Scarlet Witch won't stand a chance against him.

Who is Dr. Fate biggest enemy? ›

Wotan is a mystical supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman, first appearing in More Fun Comics #55 (1940). The character often serves as the archenemy of Doctor Fate.

Who can defeat Dr. Fate in DC? ›

Superman and Doctor Fate are evenly matched when it comes to strength and raw power, although Superman does beat Fate in terms of speed.

Can black bolt beat Dr. Fate? ›

8 Black Bolt's Greatest Power Can't Do Much Against Fate

He's stood toe to toe with Thanos and battled the deadliest threats imaginable. Bolt's voice is his most dangerous weapon, but it's not all he has. For all his power, he's still going to fall to Doctor Fate.

Which Marvel hero can beat Black Adam? ›

Finally, Shazam has a superhero code to hold him down, while Black Adam doesn't let useless things like a moral compass stop him. So, Shazam can only beat Black Adam by using his childhood creativity to trick the antihero, forcing him to say the magic word that takes away his powers.

Who can destroy Dr Strange? ›

Even Doctor Strange has problems with money - and none other than Stan Lee himself revealed that the Sorcerer Supreme's debt could actually kill him!

Can Black Adam defeat Thor? ›

Black Adam would win in a fight against Thor. He is more durable, more intelligent, and faster. Even though both of them are evenly matched in terms of their powers, abilities, and strength, Black Adam's experience and ruthlessness would be the thing that prevails and why he would eventually defeat Thor.

Who has Adam Warlock defeated? ›

Adam Warlock beats Magus but then turns against Thanos when he discovers the other five Infinity Gems. Adam Warlock defeats Thanos by turning him to stone. This does seem to indicate that Marvel's Adam Warlock is stronger than Thanos in some ways… At least in Marvel Comics.

Who is more powerful than Dr. Strange? ›

In terms of approaching the debate from the perspective of analyzing each by their raw power alone, Wanda could be deemed stronger than Strange. There is, however, also the alternative point of view when considering Strange's amount of self-control, his strategical reasoning, and his intelligence.

Can Doctor Strange defeat shazam? ›

Shazam's abilities are magical in nature and have proven to be too much to handle for most heroes and villains. However, Doctor Strange would likely be able to counter Billy Batson's magical transformation or negate the source of Shazam's magical powers to end his threat in battle.

Can Loki beat Black Adam? ›

Loki is known for the many illusions he's capable of, with the trickster showing abilities of astral projection, shapeshifting, and hypnosis. However, such sorcery won't do well against Black Adam, who has the power of Aten to prevent himself from being harmed by magic.

What can hurt Black Adam? ›

Kryptonite has been portrayed as Superman's Achilles' heel, a weakness when he is nearly invulnerable. Similarly, Black Adam has a weakness to the mineral known as Eternium. A single missile made of Eternium proved to be enough to knock Black Adam unconscious for hours.

Can Dr. Fate beat Loki? ›

Loki wouldn't be able to trick Fate, so then it would just be a magical battle between the two and in that case, as powerful as Loki is, Dr. Fate is more powerful and skilled. Dr. Fate wins.

Can Superman beat Dr. Fate? ›

Dr. Fate would absolutely obliterate Superman with approximately zero effort.

Can Odin beat Dr. Fate? ›

Fate or Odin comics? Dr. Fate because he is the most powerful Lord of Order. -In his full potential, he can defeat the Lord of Chaos.

Is Dr. Fate Immortal? ›

In modern continuity, he is succeeded officially by his grand-nephew and apprentice, Khalid Nassour. Altered by Nabu, Kent possesses a level of immortality, invulnerability, and telekinetic abilities on his own.

What is Dr. Fate's weakness? ›

Fate's main weakness is that his physical form can be stressed and destroyed. It is also revealed that Dr. Fate was not meant to be either male or female, but both united as one, and that unless this is realized Dr. Fate can never reach his full potential.

Can Black Adam beat Superman? ›

The Edge for Black Adam

Earth's yellow sun gives Superman immense strength, while Black Adam's strength is, literally, a gift from the gods, specifically Amon. A street brawl between the two could go on for days with neither gaining the upper hand.

Who can defeat Adam? ›

The Spectre is not known only as the character that can surpass Black Adam in a fight. He is likewise known to be in the top 10 most powerful DC characters ever created. The Spectre is a character who represents the wrath of God.

Is Batman stronger than Dr. Fate? ›

Doctor Fate, hands down. Even 'prep time' can't help Batman. Doctor fate wins and very easily at that.

Who wins Dr. Fate or Ghost Rider? ›

Dr Fate automatically wins. he's not done anything that would cause the Ghost Rider to hunt him and the ghost rider's powers only work on who the spirits of vengeance consider guilty. he'd just leave and Dr Fate would be unable to stop him.

Can Iron Man beat Dr. Fate? ›

Given his mastery of the magical arts, it would make Doctor Fate a tough opponent for Iron Man, whose technology-based weaponry would be ineffective against his magical defenses. Moreover, with his vast mystical powers and abilities, Doctor Fate could quickly neutralize Tony Stark and take him down in battle.

Can Dr. Fate beat Ghost Rider? ›

Ghost rider vs Doctor Fate | Fandom. Fate due to being far faster, more powerful, stronger, and overall more hax.

How powerful was Dr. Fate? ›

Invulnerability: Dr. Fate could withstand military weapons and a explosion which could destroy a mansion. Telekinesis: when used in conjunction with his helmet, this ability was powerful enough to move a planet. Without it, Fate could be strong enough only to lift cars.

Can Black Adam lift Thor's hammer? ›

It turns out the enchantment on Mjolnir preventing the unworthy from picking up the hammer had broken. While Thor granted Adam the chance to fly in his transformed state, Adam surrendered the power back to Thor willingly. Adam might not have been worthy, but it was certainly in good hands.

Who is stronger Black Adam or Iron Man? ›

Iron Man Would Put Up A Good Fight But Fall In The End

Unfortunately for Iron Man, the same can't be said for Black Adam. Even Iron Man's strongest suits of armor would even be able to last very long against Black Adam.

Can Dr. Strange be killed? ›

After defeating Thanos on Titan, the Illuminati made the decision to execute Strange, which he accepted. Black Bolt expressed his sadness for what he had to do and said that he was sorry, killing Strange with a powerful sonic blast.

Can Dr. Strange defeat DC? ›

Among DC's evil forces, however, he ranks a bit lower. Doctor Strange might not be able to brutally overpower his adversaries but his mystical noise is enough. He is one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes, who can cast a spell so deadly that even a celestial being might not be able to escape from the clutches.

Who is Dr. Strange ultimate enemy? ›

Dormammu is acknowledged by Doctor Strange as his "most terrible foe." He is described as a threat to "the life of the universe itself" that "at full power no one could stand against." He has been displayed approaching a universal or even multiversal scale of influence.

Can Black Bolt beat Black Adam? ›

Black Adam has Black Bolt beat in just about every way. He's stronger, faster, and way more experienced. He'd put a pretty heavy beating on the Inhuman, which would mean that Black Bolt would have to pull out the big guns.

Can Thor beat Adam? ›

Thor would win in a fight against Adam Warlock. The two clashed in the comics several times, and Thor simply proved to be the superior between the two each time. He simply has more potent powers. He is stronger, faster, and more durable.

Can Adam Warlock beat Hulk? ›

Who wins if it ever comes to a battle between Adam Warlock and Hulk? Adam Warlock wins in a fight against the Hulk. Adam Warlock might not be physically stronger than Hulk, but he vastly overpowers him in terms of energy projection and intelligence. He is likewise faster and impossible to kill.

Can Adam Warlock beat Wanda? ›

Adam Warlock would prove victorious in a fight against Scarlet Witch in the comics and the MCU. Even though Darkhold currently empowers Wanda, Adam Warlock is still more intelligent, faster, durable, and stronger than Wanda.

Who is Adam Warlock's enemy? ›

During his cosmic travels, Adam comes into conflict with the oppressive Universal Church of Truth and their god, the Magus. Warlock is horrified to discover that the Magus was none other than himself—a twisted, corrupted version from the future.

Can Adam Warlock be killed? ›

After being weakened in battle, Adam is able to conjure a birthing cocoon, similar to the one from his origin story. The cocoon heals Adam, allowing him to be reborn. At times Warlock has also used the Soul Gem to bring himself back to life. Adam Warlock can be killed, but keeping him dead is another story.

Who can defeat Wanda? ›

Wanda Maximoff has never truly been defeated, only "losing" to the combined forces of Doctor Strange, Wong, and America Chavez after realizing the error in her ways. For a time, Wanda posed the greatest threat to the Multiverse, going on a violent rampage on Earth-838.

Can Doctor Strange beat Galactus? ›

However, Doctor Strange shockingly once took down the Devourer of Worlds singlehandedly. In Fantastic Four #243 from Marvel Comics, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth casts a spell that not only distracts Galactus but allows his fellow heroes to knock down the powerful cosmic being easily.

Who is more powerful than Wanda? ›

Many superheroes consider Uatu The Watcher to be one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. In fact, it is claimed that his clan could perish at their own chosen time, and if they feel like it, return to life simply by wishing it.

Can Strange beat Superman? ›

Doctor Strange could trap the Man of Steel in the Mirror Dimension, or even in an entirely different universe. There is no shortage of spells that Doctor Strange could throw at Superman to defeat him, and he's not only taken down demons, but some of the most powerful villains in the MCU.

Can Black Adam beat the Hulk? ›

1 Black Adam Is Savage Enough To Beat Hulk

He's the strongest one there is, and his power is pretty much infinite. Fighting him is basically an exercise in futility, as any blow that doesn't take him out makes him angry, and he just gets stronger. However, that's exactly why Black Adam would win.

What can hurt Shazam? ›

It may seem strange, but despite his reliance on lightning for his power, Billy is highly susceptible to electricity. This means that if he is hit with a powerful enough blast of electricity, Shazam will be transformed back into Billy Batson.

Who is more powerful than Dr Strange? ›

Surtur. It almost goes without saying that the Fire Giant Surtur is also more powerful than Doctor Strange. He was the prophecized bringer of Ragnarok, the end of days, which he absolutely did by completely destroying Asgard and taking Hela along with it.

Who can beat Dr Strange? ›

15 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Doctor Strange
  1. 1 The Sentry Has Incredible Levels Of Power That Come With A Terrifying Dark Side.
  2. 2 Jean Grey Is An Omega-Level Telepath And Telekinetic With A Connection To The Phoenix Force. ...
  3. 3 Captain Marvel Is A Kree Super-Soldier Who Has Experience Wielding Magical Abilities. ...
Jan 31, 2022

Who is older Dr. Fate or Dr Strange? ›

Doctor Fate made his first appearance in "More Fun Comics #55" in May 1940, during the Golden Age of Comic Books. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange made his comic book debut in "Strange Tales no. 110" in July 1963.

Who is more powerful Loki or Dr Strange? ›

Loki has proven himself to be much stronger than Doctor Strange physically. He can take a greater beating and anyone that can hit Thor and almost beat him is pretty strong, way stronger than an ex-physician magician.

Who is stronger than Dr Strange in DC? ›

DC has its own version of a man also called doctor and has mystical abilities that are empowered by one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe. We are talking about Doctor Fate, who is arguably stronger than Doctor Strange due to the fact that his abilities are nearly godlike.

Can Dr strange defeat DC? ›

Among DC's evil forces, however, he ranks a bit lower. Doctor Strange might not be able to brutally overpower his adversaries but his mystical noise is enough. He is one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes, who can cast a spell so deadly that even a celestial being might not be able to escape from the clutches.

Can Dr strange defeat Shazam? ›

Doctor Strange

He can tap into the powerful mystical forces of the universe, accessing dimensions and channeling energy to his advantage. With his vast knowledge and expertise in magic, Doctor Strange can cast spells that could neutralize Shazam's powers or create illusions to confuse him.

Can Dr strange beat Shazam? ›

The Eye of Agamotto allows Doctor Strange to levitate opponents, or even send them across vast distances. This will undoubtedly give Doctor Strange a huge advantage in any fight, but certainly against Shazam.

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