Doctor Fate (2023)

"What comes next, mere mortals cannot stop. For better or worse, you’re fate rests in the god's hands."― Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful sorcerers in all of DC Comics history and is a founding member of the Justice Society. Although there were many who had worn the Helmet of Nabu, taking on the name Doctor Fate. But the most widely-known incarnation of the character was Kent Nelson, the first one to ever don the cloak and helmet.

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Born as Kent Nelson, his life was anything but normal. With his father Sven being an archaeologist who firmly believed that the pyramids in the Valley of Ur were built by aliens. He brought his son with him on the expedition (which you would think a father would not do considering how dangerous pyramids can be). However, in that tomb wasn’t aliens but rather the remains of Nabu - the Lord of Order.

The Lords of Order were first created alongside the Lord of Chaos. However, like brothers they fought over milenna with Nabu eventually decided to go to Earth in order to fight the Lord of Chaos though he was drained during his many battles and resides in that Pyramid.

Now let’s go back to the present, Sven and Kent accidently released Nabu which caused a poisonous gas to appear which led to the death of Sven Nelson. Taking pity on young Kent (mostly because his father’s death was Nabu’s fault and well he planned everything), Nabu decide that he would train Kent in the ways of magic and sorcery so that he would become the defender of the earth.

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Nabu spend years training Kent, allowing him to withstand the effects of wearing the helmet (considering the amount of power it wields - it can put a huge strain on the human body), When Kent and Nabu merged, they became Doctor Fate. Upon returning to America, he would meet Inza Cramer - his wife and later successor. The two helped each other and eventually Kent would become a superhero - becoming a member of DC’s first superhero team - the Justice Society. However, he would eventually die due to aging and the mantle of Doctor Fate would be passed to many others.


Attack Potency: Multiverse Level+,likely Higher Dimensional Level(Physically hold the destruction of the universe from collapsing with the Spectre. Repeatedly stated and shown to be an equal to the Spectre a number of times. Fought against Mordru. Evenly-matched with Arion in power. Tapped into the power of creation which created an explosion powerful enough to cause earthquakes from across the multiverse) | Higher Dimensional Level(There is an unending struggle between Order and Chaos throughout the multiverse and Nabu was said to be the mightiest representation of Order. The battle of the Lords of Order against the Lords of Chaos determines the fate of entire realities and dimensions. Created the Helmet of Fate which contains its own universe. DefeatedYnar and Vandaemon, two lords of Order and Chaos who are powerful enough to disrupt the multiverse and threaten the balance that allowed it to exist)

Speed: Beyond Massively Faster Than Light (Keeps up withFlash. Reacted to Superman and Martian Manhunter's speed-blitz. He was able to perceive the Helmet moving fast enough to outrace the Big Bang, as well as move at the "velocity of god". Far, far faster than the likes of Superman. Easily scales to several speed feats on these level), likely Immeasurable travel and combat speed (Can move within a place where nothing exists)

Durability:Multiverse Level+,likely Higher Dimensional Level| Higher Dimensional Level

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Hax: Magic, Energy Manipulation, Projection and Absorption, Telekinesis,Telepathy,Reality Warping, Time Manipulation,Soul Manipulation,Power Absorption,Matter Manipulation,Intangibility, Invisibility,Blood Manipulation, Biological Manipulation and Transmutation, BFR, Empathy Manipulation,Memory Manipulation,Morality Manipulation, Illusion Creation&PerceptionManipulation, Clairvoyance, Cosmic Awareness, Healing, Resurrection, Immortality;ResistancetoMind Manipulation, Reality-Warping, Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Transmutation, Power Absorption

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, has 10 billion years of experience fighting gods via Nabu's knowledge

Stamina: Extremely long-lasting, but fighting powerful foes will drain him as Kent, otherwise virtually tireless

Powers, Techniques, and Equipment[]


In their initial years of publication, the Fate's abilities were described as "the secret of the conversion of energy in matter and matter in energy". In the current continuity, the greater part of Doctor Fate's powers come from the mysticalHelmet of Fate. However, Kent Nelson has trained throughout his career to become an accomplished adventurer as well as amassing his own personal sorcery skills.

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Magic; inside this power is this great array of abilities:

  • Magic Sense: He can feel the presence of magic in his surroundings.
  • Awareness: He can be tuned in with the cosmos and feel incoming mystical events.
  • Astral Projection
  • Clairvoyance: He knows a ritual to see through a brasier what is happening in a far place.
  • Chronokinesis
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Divination
  • Eldritch Blast: Ankh and lightning-shaped magic blasts. He can also fire bolts of reverse magic as well as radar directed magic. His blasts are powerful enough to match the Spectre himself.
  • Energy Construct Creation: Like Green Lanterns, Kent can produce magical energy constructs of anything he can think of at the top of his head, such as weapons, forcefields, etc. At the beginning of his career, Fate transported various JSA members through the Atlantic with energy generated tentacles.
  • Energy Negation: He destroyed the creative power of the Norns.[13]
  • Energy Resistance
  • Flame Spell: In his early career, it was Fate's primary spell.Fate learned this ability in the LostBook of Thoth.
  • Force Field: one of his fields could withstand the attacks fromAquariusduring one full week.
  • Healing
  • Illusion Casting
  • Invisibility
  • Magnetic Manipulation
  • Hypnosis
  • Molecular Reconstruction: This affects organic matter.
  • Necromancy
  • Phasing: Kent wore this spell to enter in his Tower of Salem.
  • Resurrection
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation: Both regular teleportation and Warp Creation.
  • Bio-Fission
  • Divine Empowerment: Nabu knows the true name ofRa, and can use his divine power to momentarily increase his own magic (or others).
  • Dr. Fate could make Superman immune to magic if he wanted.
  • No emotions: With the helmet, Fate feels no emotion, and is completely immune toPsycho-Pirate's powers.

Without his helm, Kent Nelson has only the following magical abilities:

  • Immortality
  • Invulnerability: Dr. Fate could withstand military weapons and a explosion which could destroy a mansion.
  • Telekinesis: when used in conjunction with his helmet, this ability was powerful enough to move a planet. Without it, Fate could be strong enough only to lift cars.
    • Flight
    • Superhuman Strength: Fate's strength is transferable while he wears the Helmet.



Base | Triumvirate

Minor Feats[]

Attack Potency/Strength[]





  • If his helmet is removed, he loses all of Nabu's powers
  • As Kent, he is susceptible to poisonous gases and suffocation
  • If Nabu rises, he is weaker to Chaos related magic
  • Fate Fusioncan be separated by sufficiently powerful attack composed of Chaos and Order magic


Versus Compendium's Conclusions[]

Notable Wins:

(Video) Doctor Fate Powers and Fighting Skills Compilation

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


Who came first Doctor Strange or Doctor Fate? ›

Doctor Fate's First Appearance

Doctor Fate made his first appearance in "More Fun Comics #55" in May 1940, during the Golden Age of Comic Books. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange made his comic book debut in "Strange Tales no. 110" in July 1963.

Is Doctor Fate stronger than Thanos? ›

Thanos is powerful enough to challenge entire teams of heroes, his cosmic might allowing him to run through even the most powerful heroes with little fuss. However, Doctor Fate has the power to defeat Thanos rather handily.

Can Superman beat Dr. Fate? ›

Doctor Fate would win. The obvious reason is because Superman is vulnerable to magic but it's not just that. Doctor Fate is on a whole other level, he can do things that Superman would dream of doing.

Who becomes Doctor Fate? ›

The original Hawkman's son, Hector Hall, was the new Doctor Fate when the JSA was revived, and he was succeeded by Doctor Kent V. Nelson, Kent Nelson's grandnephew. In DC's New 52, Khalid Ben-Hassin became the new Fate.

Who is stronger between Dr. Fate and Dr. Strange? ›

While Doctor Strange is a powerful sorcerer, he simply doesn't have anything that can put down Doctor Fate. Despite only appearing in one film, Fate has more experience than Strange due to his lengthened life span. His magic was able to hold beings as strong as Black Adam and Sabbac.

Who is the strongest between Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange? ›

Although their powers are very similar in scope, it is the use of those powers that defines them. Both are heroes within their respective universes, but Doctor Fate exhibits a much stronger moral compass and level of humanity that makes him a far more powerful wielder of magic, and the most supreme sorcerer in comics.

Can Dr. Fate defeat Wanda? ›

Scarlet Witch is likely to win in a fight against Dr. Fate because her powers come with fewer limitations. It might be true that Dr. Fate is empowered by one of the strongest cosmic entities in the universe, but his capabilities are quite limited because he doesn't have Nabu's full power.

Can Thor beat Dr. Fate? ›

With or without Mjolnir by his side, he has become one of Earth's staunchest defenders. Keeping in mind that his powers are mystical in nature, someone with Fate's abilities would still overwhelm Asgard's greatest warrior. Thor simply doesn't have the ability to take Doctor Fate down.

Who is stronger Dr. Fate or Hulk? ›

2 Hulk Doesn't Stand A Chance Against Fate

His infinite strength potential is matched by the bottomless well of rage that fuels it. He's defeated the most powerful heroes and villains on Earth, but he wouldn't last long against Fate. Fate wouldn't take it easy on what would just be a giant rage monster to him.

What is Doctor Fate's weakness? ›

Fate's main weakness is that his physical form can be stressed and destroyed. It is also revealed that Dr. Fate was not meant to be either male or female, but both united as one, and that unless this is realized Dr. Fate can never reach his full potential.

Who defeated Dr. Fate? ›

Welp, it was all great until Dr. Fate died in valiant battle at the end of "Black Adam." It was a noble demise at the hands of supervillain Sabbac that spared the Justice Society. "I forsake my life for the life of my colleagues," Brosnan says. True, but still a seemingly shocking superhero one-and-done.

Can Dr. Fate beat Loki? ›

Loki is no slouch in the magic department, but Dr. Fate would be able to take him out. The Helmet of Nabu grants Dr. Fate with all the power of the Lord Of Order the helmet is named after and all of the knowledge of spellcraft that immortal being possesses.

Does Dr. Fate age? ›

It was not until the 1963 that Kent would rejoin the Justice Society of America. As their Justice Society comrades aged, Kent and Inza seemed immortal. The magic fate held over them, virtually stopped their aging process.

Who gave Dr. Fate his powers? ›

Taking pity on the now-orphan child, Nabu — a hugely powerful cosmic entity that dwells within the helmet — teaches him in the ways of sorcery for the next 20 years before Kent returns to America in 1940 to begin his crime-fighting career as Doctor Fate.


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